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I have been baking most of my life & decided in May of 2019 to see if people would pay for my cookies by having a "Cookies for a Cause" fundraiser. In less than a week, I had orders totaling 605 cookies, and was able to raise $1115 for the Wily Network, a non-profit in Boston that serves college-aged students who need support to get through the college years of their lives.  This started a passion for using my baking skills to raise money for non-profits close to my heart! Since then, I have done two more "Cookies for a Cause", and have raised just under $5000 for local non-profits...just by selling cookies! I donated 120 cookies to my town's Parks & Rec dept. for a drive in & have donated for various movie nights through NEED & regularly donate gift cert. or cookies for local causes!

Spread kindness around like sprinkles in a funfetti cake!

Cookies for a Cause - 1
Cookies for a Cause - 2
Cookies for a Cause _ Round 3 copy
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